Mid-Winter Festival 2015

Festival of square, round and clog dancing
January 23, 24, 25, 2015

Types of Dancing

There are three different kinds of folk dancing presented at the Mid-Winter Festival:

Square dancing has eight dancers in a square, made up of four couples, with a caller choreographing the dancers. The caller will either do a “patter” call, where a series of are made to the beat of the music, or a “singing call”, where calls are interspersed with the words of a popular song.

For more details go to www.dosado.com.

Round dancing is essentially choreographed ballroom dancing. Round dancing is done by couples, choreographed by a cuer. Rhythms from two-step to waltz to rhumba to cha-cha to foxtrot to swing are performed.

For more details go to www.roundalab.com.

Clogging is a step dance performed by individuals dancing on their own, wearing tap shoes. Clogging is related to the Irish step dancing seen in Riverdance. For a brief history of clog dancing, see websites.icloc.us.