Who is Tim Roberts, anyway?
Tim Roberts is the name of a technology geek in Tigard, Oregon, just southwest of Portland.
I'm a partner in a computer consulting company, Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.
I started programming computers in 1970, using an ASR33 Teletype.
In 7th grade, I knew what I would do for a living.  Sure enough, I'm doing it.
I love my job.  When I get up in the morning, I look forward to going to work.  There aren't a lot of people who can say that.
I am an INTJ.
I've been married for 27 years.
We have a daughter, 18, and a son, 14.
We also have a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Millie.  She's awfully cute; I recommend you follow the link.
We also have a Toy Poodle named Abby.  She's pretty cute, too.  Abby is convinced she is a Doberman; she spends much of her time intimidating Millie.
I square dance.  Our club is called the Toe Draggers.
I'm helping to put on the 54th National Square Dance Convention in Portland in 2005.
I play clarinet in the Tualatin Valley Community Band.
I also play keyboards.
I like exploring new things.  That's why I started the web log.
I've used a lot of computers, with a lot of operating systems, in a lot of languages over the years.
Python is my current favorite language.  Flexible, expressive, and readable.  As I mature, I've discovered that readability is worth more than most people think.
I drive a minivan.  If I were 23, I'd be embarrassed about that.  Not any more.  It's practical and comfortable.

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